Thanks for caring!

As many of you know, Jen has been dealing with several health issues that are new and fairly serious.  And you have responded in spades.  As a group, the GoJenGo fans, supporters, and friends are the most loving of people and Jen wanted me to let you all know she is hearing your words, reading your emails and texts and is immensely grateful for the love and support.  She appreciates every gift, every meal, every playdate!  Right now, however, her energy is low, and she asked that you be patient with her communications.  Further, while she would like to visit with every single person on this long, extensive list of friends and family, she needs to save energy for the boys and for Joe. Drop in visits, for now, are too tiring.

Might we suggest you show your support in other ways?  Write Jen a letter.  Support those who support us – buy tickets to Laugh for the Cure this weekend (Saturday) or Pink in the Rink (Feb. 7th).  Hug a friend.  Sign up for her favorite event of the year, the RunJenRun 5k walk/run (  She is so honored you care!

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