Thanks for the meals, cards, flowers and gifts.

I’ve been out of pocket so please accept a belated thanks for the meals, cards, flowers and gifts.  They continue to uplift and inspire.
My health has tanked of late- inability to breathe, be mobile, pain levels, nausea… At times I can’t get up out of my chair by myself, turn onto my side in bed, get to the bathroom alone… If I am up for than a minute or so at a time I am wracked with pain and completely gasping for O2.  Thursday my inability to get air became life threatening and we went to CMC via ambulance.  Breathing is still an ongoing, huge concern- both from fluid in the cavity around my right lung and the diffuse fluid and thickening airways inside both lungs.  The emergency problem (a different one due to upper airway closing) is now gone.  The docs do not know exactly what caused it.
Tomorrow early I go back to the hospital for a lung biopsy. They tried to do this Friday but couldn’t d/t probs on their end.  We will know in a few days if the dramatic differences in my lungs are due to rapid spread.  We are kinda in wait and see mode.
Please say some prayers for good test results and most importantly easier breathing, pain relief, mobility and, well, not feeling terrible most of them time.  I want more decent quality of life time, not more of what I have currently.
We’ll keep you posted.  Thanks.  Jen
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