Impact Stories

Stage 2B triple negative breast cancer
diagnosis September 2021

“Go Jen Go alleviated some of the financial burden of everyday living. I get to focus on beating cancer with the comfort of knowing I still can keep my home.”

Words to describe Go Jen Go: Blessing & Hope

Advice for others: Keep your spirits positive and lean on your support system.

I’m writing to thank you guys again for all your support and assistance. DJ had the best x-mas ever and i was able to use the donations, gas cards to get around and take care of some important things. I’m feeling great and doing well emotionally/ physically and can’t wait until doctors release me to return to work. DJ will be turning 4 this Sunday and I still have some of the gifts from you guys saved to give him on his birthday. Today i met with the cancer oncologist and well the verdict is in…. I do need chemo and will be starting cycles hopefully by the end of the month. I was also writing to ask for your assistance again with gas cards for my appointments, and if possible some help with funds. I asked my case manager of any resources or agencies that can help w/ car note or insurance but was unsuccessful in finding any. I’m behind my car payment due to not working and having no income since I went on medical leave Nov. I hope to return to work after port is put in for chemo and receiving first dose of chemo.

– Young Single Mother of a 4 year old

Once again, thank you so much for the check you sent last month. Since school has been closed, I have had a chance to go over all of my medical bills and was able to pay my surgeon and radiologist – almost the exact amount you sent. Now I need to tackle Presbyterian’s expenses and make a plan with them to pay what I can per month. Please let me know if you are able to send something this month or on a monthly basis as you mentioned so I can advise them as to what I can manage. You have NO idea how much you are helping my situation and my frame of mind.

I want you to know how much your help means and know that it is going directly to pay medical bills. I am keeping you in my prayers and appreciate so much all you have done for me.

– CMS School Teacher

January 24 of this year, I went to the hospital thinking I was going to need a nerve block (I have had them several times due to back pain…so this was nothing new to me). However, before the day was over, I was told that I had bone cancer and it was in stage 4…but they could not tell me the primary site. Before weeks end, it was said to be 90% sure this originated in the breasts. I was told that due to my bone problems, I would be wheelchair bound. My bones are too brittle to take a chance on falling or even bumping into anything.

I need to mention to you that I also am the single mom of a wonderful daughter, Hannah, with Rett Syndrome and epilepsy. I did most everything for her. Showered her, brushed her teeth, cleaned her after she went to the restroom, and so much more.

So this news devistated me. I had to drop everything and talk to God. Thru weeks of radiation therapy, and many many prayers, I became OK with all of this. I knew that God had a reason and he had a path he wanted me to follow.

So, I applied for medicaid, thru the hospital. I was approved. Then 6 months later, things chaged drastically. I got a letter telling me that I had a $5000 deductible to meet. When I called to question them, thinking they messed up because I already had one $5000 deductible, I was told that there is a $5000 deductible every 6 months for anyone with 1 child in the house that makes more that $940 a month. I wondered if they could do the math, because that does not leave people anything to live on.

Then all of a sudden, Hannah’s medicaid was changed to NC Healthchoice, because I make too much money, which does not cover her home care (We had people coming in to bathe her, dress her and get her ready for school..then they came back to bathe her and get her ready for bed.They also cleaned her room, made her bed and washed her clothes…anything I would have to do for her, they did.) Now I have to do the best that I can. When my family members cant come to give her her showers, then I have to do what I can, no matter how I am feeling.

When I loose my medicaid, it really puts a hardship on the family because I then have to pay for all of my medications with cash (and because I can’t afford the meds that work, I have to drop back to less effective meds that are cheaper for me to buy…but much less effective). I then try to stretch my checks as far as I can. Hoping that a scan or something will be needed that will cost more than $5000 (for my bills at the hospital, I have 100% charity care for the hospital and the offices owned by the hospital) so that I can get my medicaid back and be able to get the pain meds back that actually work.

There have been some fundraisers for me, but as sad as it is, it does not take long to go thru that money when you have to buy $350 of meds a month, plus any dr’s bills ($3000 if I stayed with the good medicine that actually helped me with my pain). This is not a one time thing for me, this is going to be every six months that I need help. It is truely a sad situation.

So, if there is anything you can do, I would be much appreciative.”

(Follow up) “I received your package yesterday and can not tell you how shocked and appreciative I am. I am speechless! I certainly did not expect that amount of help. I can not thank you enough. You certainly helped out more than I imagined you could. Again, thank you so very much.

– Mother of a Special Needs Daughter