Dispelling the myths of 24 HOURS OF BOOTY!

Dispelling the myths of 24 HOURS OF BOOTY!

Ok.  So you have never ridden in 24 Hours of Booty.  Heck, you haven’t ridden a bike since you were 12.
THAT DOESN’T MATTER! There is nothing to fear!

Let us dispel the top five 24 HOB myths.

1) You have to ride for 24 hours.
Actually, no.  You really don’t HAVE to ride at all.  But you will want to.  Even if it is just a few laps, get out on the course.  There is joy there.  There is community. And it is fun.

2) Only really experienced cyclists are out there.
Again, no.  Don’t misunderstand…there are experienced cyclists.  But some of the most experienced serve as course monitors to help and cheer you along.  There are all aged riders and all types of bikes from slick and fast to those with streamers on handlebars!

3) It is really hot.
Well, yes, that can actually be true. BUT, one of the “coolest” experiences of 24 HOB (in every respect) is riding when the sun goes down.  As long as you have the proper headlights and flashers on your bike, you can pack in the miles as the world cools! Don’t worry, the fun doesn’t.

4) You will go without food or drink for 24 hours.
This is one of Booty’s most pleasant of surprises.  Catered meals and snacks are available around the clock for riders.  It is part of the price of admission.  The food is delicious, the snacks are plentiful, and there are drinks of all types to keep you hydrated. And you will need plenty of both to keep you fueled and hydrated!

5) last but not least…  MY BOOTY WILL HURT! 
Sadly, we are not miracle workers friends.  Your booty may hurt, but your heart will sing.  Join us and see for yourself!!

JOIN THE TEAM. Click this link to ride and raise money on the GoJenGo team. We will have a cool jersey, not to mention our own cheering section!

DONATE. Click this link if you can’t be there in person, but want to put dollars towards a great cause! Pick a name of a Go Jen Go cyclist and it will go towards the GoJenGo team.

CHEER: Maybe this isn’t your year to ride, but you don’t want to miss out on the fun and fellowship that surrounds this event. We will have a gathering to salute our team and cheer them on during the first lap of the weekend. More details to follo

– See more at: https://gojengo.org/2015/07/dispelling-the-myths-of-24-hours-of-booty/#sthash.GfK7ul8G.dpuf

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