Why do you ride?

Why do you ride?

Why do you ride?

We asked some of our 24 Hours of Booty teammates questions about the ride.  It was the first year for the GoJenGo team and we had both first time riders and seasoned riders join us.  We asked them several different questions, but the first was, why?

Responses varied, but at the heart of it were people – those who surround us and those we remember and loved so much.

“Why do I ride in Booty? For Jen.  For Rocco.  Luca. Joe. For Gammy. Papa.  Juju.  Britt.  Susan.  Meredith………. That list goes on and on.  I ride for the camaraderie, to raise awareness and money for invaluable research, to meet folks.  I ride because I can.”

“I ride in 24HOB for the camaraderie and in memory of Jen Pagani.”

“I ride because Jen would have.  She would have told me to get my a$$ on a bike and ride for those who can‘t.  And I ride because I love the others who ride with me!”

And we ride because we want to win….against cancer!

“Because I hate cancer!”

“Because these are the events that give heart and and momentum and DOLLARS to the fight against cancer”
Whatever your reason, we invite you to join, to donate, or to cheer for our GoJenGo team!

JOIN THE TEAM. Click this link to ride and raise money on the GoJenGo team. We will have a cool jersey, not to mention our own cheering section!

DONATE. Click this link if you can’t be there in person, but want to put dollars towards a great cause! Pick a name of a Go Jen Go cyclist and it will go towards the GoJenGo team.

CHEER: Maybe this isn’t your year to ride, but you don’t want to miss out on the fun and fellowship that surrounds this event. We will have a gathering to salute our team and cheer them on during the first lap of the weekend. More details to follow!

– See more at: https://gojengo.org/2015/06/booty-time/#sthash.n668njPx.dpuf
– See more at: https://gojengo.org/2015/07/why-do-you-ride/#sthash.H7aw28p2.dpuf

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